Changing lives with the power of words




On a mission to change the world through the natural healing power of words…one mind at a time 😉


You’re in the right place if…

  1. You want to break free from mindsets and behaviors that have been holding you back from your fullest potential.  You’re looking for greater clarity of mind, empowerment, and ease in your life.  You’re ready to break free from negative influences of your past or others around you.
  2. You want to work with someone who has a scientific understanding of how this process works.  I tailor my methods based on thousands of hours of the latest training from the world’s leading hypnotists and Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioners.  I offer over 8 years full-time experience of getting results with over 2000 clients, to the individual sitting in front of me.  I don’t read scripts or use stage magic gimmicks to get the outcomes you’re looking for.
  3. You believe in change and understand that natural or alternative approaches can be just as beneficial, or even safer, than traditional methods.

Things you should know about me…

I wholeheartedly believe that if every human being on the planet was operating from a fully resourced state of mind, feeling capable, loved and accepted, with clarity, a sense of security, serenity, and discernment- our world would be a much nicer and healthier place to live.  I utilize my skills to empower my clients to do just that.

I believe in this process and using it to its full potential because it radically and rapidly improved my life.  Actually, I believe hypnotherapy saved my life.  See my TEDx Talk.  Every morning I wake up excited and grateful to go to “work.”  Every day, I get the joy of helping people clear negative effects from their past experiences and upgrade their beliefs and behaviors to ones that better serve them.

I understand how this process works so effectively based on the science of neuroplasticity.  Our brains are highly malleable, especially within an engaged state of focus and intention.  We are built to learn how to behave and respond in an instant when it comes to our protection and what benefits us.  I find myself deprogramming clients from the negative influences of their past and replacing it with something more beneficial they actually want and are asking for.  I’m in the business of switching out “dated,” “conditioned” responses helping clients upgrade to new thought patterns and behaviors.

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner, transformational coach, professional speaker, a community activist for Survivors of Sexual Assault & Mother’s Against Drunk Driving. I have an Associates Degree from Southeastern University, and I am a lifelong student — always committed to learning more. I love to hike, dance, travel, perform improv comedy and play the ukulele.


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