Changing lives with the power of words


“As an eighty-year-old who’s heard and seen a lot of speakers, and heard many, many stories, I believe your TEDxRainier talk is one of the most moving I’ve ever heard. I hope that your message is heard far and wide. And the icing on the cake? You’re taking up the work of hypnotherapy yourself. God Bless you!” – Tom, a fan.

Kristin engages and entertains audiences on the power of your mind to…


    • Become Success Conscious
    • Overcome Fears, Panic and WorryTEDx-Kristin-1
    • Reduce and Manage Stress
    • Achieve Self Acceptance and Confidence
    • Increase Sales Motivation and Performance
    • Heal a Broken or Grieving Heart
    • Improve Memory, Concentration and Focus
    • Improve Test Taking, Studying and Learning Skills
    • Manage Pain and Promote Healing
    • Overcome Sadness, Anger, and Guilt
    • Overcome Procrastination and Eliminate Bad Habits
    • Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, and Sleep Better
    • Control Eating, Exercising Habits or More

Kristin enjoys speaking with passion and humor on subjects that are inspirational and educational.  As a hypnotherapist and former host of Mind Talk on Chat With Women Network on KKNW 1150am, she often speaks on self-help related subjects, including overcoming fear, bad habits, pain, grief, bad past experiences, the mind-body connection and “How to” speeches (i.e. How To Set Goals).  With a  personal story of miraculous transformation (previously suffered from seizures and confined to a wheelchair before a session of hypnosis), Kristin easily relates to an audience of any size about things she’s found to be helpful in her life as well as the lives of so many clients she’s worked with.

As a professional communicator, it’s Kristin’s job to inspire, educate and motivate who’s listening through the art of storytelling, informing and persuading.  She delivers her message with a captivating, personable, authentic, gentle and yet dynamically powerful, upbeat energy.  Her style and message are always uniquely tailored for the audience and subject to which she is speaking.

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