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Home Hypnosis Events

Are you looking to connect with your friends in an uplifting and memorable way?  Have you or friends been curious about hypnosis, but hesitant to give it a try?  If you’re in the greater Seattle area, then this is the perfectly affordable way to introduce them to a positive and unforgettable experience!  I am now offering home hypnosis events on the subjects of:

Introduction to Hypnosis – Perfect for finding out what hypnosis is all about, how it works, and what’s it good for.  Includes exercises, a group demonstration, and learning a self hypnosis technique or two.

Stress Relief – We will focus on dealing with life’s ups and downs as resourcefully as possible.  The group will learn how to manage our emotions and respond to the challenges we’re facing in better ways.  Includes group hypnotherapy exercises and guided visualizations.

Healthier Habits – From eating better to getting more active, organized, or productive.  By group majority vote, I can focus our discussion, exercises and guided visualization on the topic of choice.

Hypnosis for Improving Intimacy – Women only.  Gather your gal pals and we will talk about how hypnosis can increase desire and clear blocks that interfere with intimacy.  The group exercises and guided visualizations are focused on overcoming self-consciousness and overthinking, increasing confidence, play and pleasure.

Steps to making a home hypnosis event…

First: A warm and friendly person with a moderate or larger home decides to host a home hypnosis event, and contacts me so that we can pick out the perfect date and time. A deposit of $65 is required to reserve your spot.  If you need to cancel/reschedule, the deposit will be returned if more than 24 hours notice is given.  If less than 24 hours notice is provided, the deposit will be forfeited.  Otherwise the deposit will be applied to the host or hostess attendance fee.

Second: The ingenious host/ess invites those they care about, be it friends, coworkers, classmates, fellow church members, family members, and anyone else interested in attending.  The host or hostess will email Kristin that there are at least 4 confirmed guests planning on attendance within 48 hours prior to the event.

Third: Everyone shows up at the host/ess’s home on the set time. I will introduce the subject of hypnosis, discuss the topic of choice, answer any questions, and then lead a powerful hypnotherapy group session. Each guest can give me his or her email address to receive free follow up material including a hypnosis audio and list of tips for reinforcement.

Fourth: I accept payment in cash, check or card by each guest in attendance before the end of the party.

Fifth and Final Step: The guests experience whole new attitudes and habits that benefit their lives so profoundly, they can’t help but share their experience with those they care about as well.

Ready to host your own home hypnosis in the Seattle area?  Contact me and I will be sure to answer any questions you may have before finding a date that works for our schedules.  You can call me at 206-552-8374 or email

Common Questions about Home Hypnosis Events:

Q: How much does it cost to attend?
A: The fees are on a shared-cost scale, so the more people there are, the less each person pays.

Rate Structure

4 to 7 guests = $65 a person

8 to 12 guests = $45 a person

13-20 guests = $30 a person

Q: How long is the party?
A: About ninety to 120 minutes depending on question and answer and group participation time.

Q: What’s the advantage of going to a home hypnosis group event as opposed to a private session?
A: Besides the low risk, introductory savings, a group provides a supportive, fun and friendly atmosphere.

Q: I’d love to host an event, but I don’t have room in my home. Can I still be a host?
A: We can discuss an option that will work for you.  For instance, the are common rooms that can be reserved at apartment buildings, libraries, offices, church halls, community centers, parks on a nice day, etc.

Q: I’m not interested in hosting, but I’d love to attend. Can you put me on a waiting list?
A: Of course. Just call me at 206-552-8374 or email, and I’ll let you know when the next event with an available spot will be.

Q: Do you do home hypnosis events for goals other than those listed?
A: Yes. If you have a group of people who are interested in hypnosis for another purpose, feel free to contact me so we can discuss it.  Sports teams may benefit with a session for performance improvement.  It’s a fun and enjoyable opportunity to gain an edge on the competition.