My hypnosis and meditation recordings are available are only available as MP3 downloads.  Each recording is enhanced with either Alpha or Theta wave tones which makes the background music more relaxing and the suggestions more effective. 

Intuitive Eating

To encourage healthier eating and more physical activity. Especially helpful for breaking emotion eating habits.

Time: 20 minutes

Safe To Be Lean

This hypnosis recording emphasizes the reality that it is safe to be lean and shed unhealthy, excess fat. On a primal level, our subconscious minds need to understand that we are not in danger of starvation, famine, or hypothermia in order to release excess weight. It also encourages you to let go of any old beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve or protect you. This allows you to adopt healthier habits and ways of thinking that support your best health.

Time: 22 Minutes

Healthy You

A short and sweet recording to help you start your day and feel your best. This recording is made for women who would like a boost of energy and positivity and suggestions to help overcome autoimmune or hormonal imbalance issues.

Time: 6 minutes

Sitting Meditation

Sitting Meditation

My Sitting Meditation can help you to become aware of your inner life while reducing anxiety and improving your ability to focus at the same time. 

Time: 11 minutes

Body Scan

Use my Body Scan meditation to let go of old stories or negative self talk about your body and practice being in tune with it. This practice can help to promote self care and a more positive body image and has even been shown to reduce pain.

Time: 15 Minutes

Expanding Compassion

Use my Expanding Compassion if you need help clearing anger, guilt, shame, as well as anxiety and negative thinking.

Time: 10 minutes 

Being Grateful

My Being Grateful recording will train your brain to develop healthy thought patterns to maintain your feeling of well being.

Read my blog post From Grief to Gratitude (Cystic Fibrosis and The Happy Game) to find out the true story that inspired my Gratitude meditation recording.

Time: 13 minutes

Stress Relief

Enjoy these suggestions to relax and train your mind to let go of stress within a few deep breaths whenever you may need to release tension.

Time: 30 minutes



Give yourself this Gift Of Resiliency Meditation Recording and read the story behind it when you follow the link.

  1. This version includes background music with Alpha waves which resemble the sound of the beach.
  2. This version includes background music with Theta tones which resemble the sound of rain.

Time: 25 minutes each

Confident In Company

A perfect training session to prevent and reduce social anxiety. Redirect self-consciousness when interacting with others be rehearing what to focus on instead.

Time: 14 minutes

Sleep Dream Home

A creative meditation to help your mind prepare for a good night’s sleep. This recording guides your mind on a gentle journey through rooms representing different emotions in an imaginary dream home. Instead of being bombarded by random, anxious, unwanted thoughts – this guided meditation will exercise your childlike imagination and encourage you to drift off to a peaceful sleep with good dreams.

Time: 15 minutes

Pain Washes Away

Pain Washes Away

A guided visualization that encourages comfort by suggesting pain can wash away with the sensations of water in the shower.

Time: 12 minutes

Free From Smoking

A hypnosis session to help you stop smoking and avoid cigarettes even if your friends may still be lighting up.

Time: 23 minutes

Bundle and Save on Recordings

Save over 20% when you bundle Mind Talk Hypnosis recordings! 

Give yourself or someone you love the gift of wellbeing 🙂

Time: Over 4 Hours!

Custom Recordings

The more effectively worded and tailored hypnosis suggestions are for you, the better you can respond and the quicker you can achieve results!  Each recording includes a phone consult (up to 20 minutes). You can enjoy your custom recording for life for $489.99! This includes up to 5 hrs of my time to research, write, edit & record your session (up to 35 minutes in length).

After your purchase is complete fill out my order request form. After you submit your form I will contact you within 72 hours to discuss the details of your script(s).  I can usually provide you your finished recording(s) within 1 – 4 weeks of getting all the details I need. This time can vary depending on how many projects I have going on/my availability to dedicate the time needed to make them.