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Food and Mood Balance Program

The Food and Mood Balance Program is a unique mind/body approach to boosting your  moods and energy levels while establishing sustainable healthy eating habits. Our program, developed in partnership with Meredith Milton, MS, CN, takes a holistic approach to wellness. Becoming happier and making positive food choices can feel out of reach for many people, especially women who eat cope with negative feelings. Our program helps you maximize your efforts and create a more sustainable lifestyle by creating new thoughts, beliefs, and habits that will better meet your needs and help you feel your best. We also give you the tools to build a strong and sustainable nutritional foundation.


If you…

    • Can’t seem to stop emotional eating or stress eating and it’s impacting your quality of life
    • Have trouble sensing the difference between physical and emotional hunger
    • Don’t have the slightest idea of how to eat healthy for YOUR body and lifestyle
    • Know what you “should” be doing but can’t seem to break entrenched unhealthy attitudes, beliefs and behaviors

And you would like to…

    • Learn about the food/mood connection to alleviate depression and anxiety
    • Learn how to eat to boost moods and energy levels
    • Gain a new approach to how you view eating, food and your body
    • Break the patterns of thought and behavior that feed emotional and stress eating and make the switch to healthier habits in a completely quick and natural

Then the Food and Mood Balance Program is for you. Once you are ready to change your life, Meredith and I can help you with the rest. With this program, we will enable you to believe you deserve and are capable of a healthy lifestyle, get rid of self-defeating and negative thoughts and behaviors, and automatically replace them with empowering actions and affirming thoughts.


Our program includes:

  1. A four-hour intensive group workshop that includes guided hypnotherapy exercises
  2. Guided visualization
  3. Stress reduction exercises
  4. Mindful eating practice
  5. Intuition building and learning
  6. Two sessions with Meredith Milton, MS, CN of, to help you:
      • Learn the keys to better food choices
      • Boost your mood and energy
      • Learn an intuitive style of eating
  7. Two sessions with Kristin Rivas, Certified Hypnotherapist, to help you:
      • Break bad habits
      • Automatically integrate thoughts, feelings and behaviors
      • Restore a balanced relationship with food and find healthy ways to improve your mood


Please email me  to learn more about our next Food and Mood Balance Program.