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Smoking Cessation

Did you know that, according to the National Institutes of Health, hypnosis is more effective than behavioral counseling in helping people to quit smoking? In my experience, hypnosis empowers clients who are ready and motivated to become non-smokers for life, within 1-6 sessions, on average. Some clients smoking habits are related to issues with anxiety, depression, and trauma in which case an 8-12 session program would be more appropriate to address those issues in addition to a smoking habit.

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Are you ready to stop smoking?

Please Note: It’s important to be at least 60% ready to stop smoking in order to begin any smoking cessation session(s).  If you’re at a 50/50 or lower according to the questionnaire, there may be somewhere else to begin for you.  For some people, it can be stress management, relieving depression or anxiety.  We can do a “Make Up Your Mind” session to see if becoming smoke-free is what you really want and are truly ready for now.  There is a difference between being afraid to fail and being afraid to succeed.  Both issues can be addressed, as well as any others that come up, together in sessions as we prepare for your smoking cessation.

If you would not choose to quit on your own, without hypnosis, then hypnosis and I cannot make you.  As mentioned on the FAQ page,  you cannot be made to do anything you do not want to do. Rather, hypnosis is an aid to help you follow through with something that you truly want to do.

Rather than seeing this process as “quitting” or “giving up” cigarettes, consider smoking cessation “trading up” for better health, more time, money, confidence, etc.  Stopping smoking needn’t be a source of dread or an obligatory burden that leaves a huge hole in your life. Rather than it being something you should do, you can think of cessation as something you want to do as an exciting and natural transition into a healthier lifestyle. Hypnosis is a way to set up that transformation so your mind and body will enable you to achieve success and avoid additional negative or compensatory habits. Together, we will become a team devoted to your wellness and taking the necessary steps to get you where you want to be.


The Smoking Cessation Program


Hypnosis can help you stop smoking by addressing:

• Motivation and confidence: Learn how to build a strong desire to stop smoking. Understand the reasons to quit and the benefits.
• Overcoming Past Programming: In order to be successful, we must change what cigarettes have meant to you and the associations they have had in your life.
• Creating New, Healthier Habits: Reprogram your mind with healthier choices. We will use guided visualization of cleansing your body of the toxins smoking has left behind.
• Preventing Relapse: We cement the value of quitting and ways to prevent smoking relapses. You learn how to disappear cravings and transition into being comfortably smoke-free.

We can also target:

• Handling feelings without cigarettes
• Weight management
• Assertiveness / people skills
• Improving energy, creativity and concentration naturally
• Pairing smoking with unpleasant experiences (aversion therapy)

Resolving these additional issues are an effective means of preventing relapse. Most clients become non-smokers after about four sessions—and remain that way for the rest of their lives.


What my clients say:


“You suggested that I follow up with you following our session (1/25/17) and I can happily and proudly say that not only have I not smoked, I have not thought about it, have not felt challenged by it, and have been around my friends who do smoke and just don’t feel any connection to it anymore. It’s like magic! I can comfortably say that I don’t smoke, and also that I’m not scared of being lured by it anymore. It’s really day and night from the last 20 or so years of my life! I am so happy that I came to see you, and thankful for your help. You have changed my life! -Suz”


“I wanted to let you know I just passed the 100 day mark (11/2016) of being chewing tobacco free ( yay! ). The work you did with me was very helpful and I really appreciated your imagination and energy. Thank you and best wishes – Randy”

“Kristin, I just wanted to update you and thank you.  On December 2nd [2012] I will have been free from smoking for one year. I can’t wait to celebrate the anniversary with my wife and kids at the Space Needle like we talked about in our session together.  I owe much gratitude and wish you all the best at this special time of year.  What a wonderful gift it is.” Chris D., Seattle, WA

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Will hypnosis work for you?


In my experience, about 90% of clients fall into 1 of 3 categories after completing my smoking cessation program:

  1. They feel confident and certain that they have become a non smoker. They remain that way without giving cigarettes another thought, and in fact seem unappealing rather than tempting!
  2. They wonder if this will work when they need it to. They may think about or feel like having a cigarette now and again, but are able to handle cravings and notice that they fade quickly. These clients realize that they now automatically respond differently to situations that used to cause them to give in to cravings.
  3. They have remained a non-smoker much longer than they’ve ever been able to on their own. However, a big life stressor comes along and they require follow-up sessions to stay on track or get back on.

A small percentage of clients who come to Mind Talk for smoking cessation are not truly ready to or invested in quitting smoking. There is no guarantee—just a high rate of effectiveness if you are ready to stop smoking for good. I work with you to achieve your goals in as few sessions as possible, focusing on lasting, positive results.


Questions? Ready to set up a free consultation?


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