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Hypnotherapy for Stress Management

Wishing you were feeling way more centered and resourceful?  If you’re in the midst of challenging circumstances or you are recovering from one or more bad events, I’d love to help you find your inner strength.  Whether it’s a strained relationship at home or work, a bad break up, dealing with a health issue or big change, it’s possible you can feel better.  I help my clients overcome anxiety, get better sleep, adjust their appetite, eating, and activity habits or their attitude so they can move forward in their lives in the best possible way, no matter what issues they may be having to face.

Compassionate care and a treatment that is carefully tailored to your individual needs can help you make rapid progress. Hypnotherapy works to naturally guide the subconscious mind that controls emotions, desires, memories, habits, thoughts, dreams, and automatic responses. One may consciously understand the value of eliminating problematic emotions, thoughts or behaviors but unless the subconscious mind is reached, enduring change is unlikely.

By engaging the subconscious mind and eliminating the ongoing influence from troubling past events, blocked energy is released, healing takes place, and change is automatic.  Negative habits, thought patterns and painful emotions are replaced by positive actions and feelings of well-being.

I find clients typically achieve their desired results within 1-6 sessions.  Follow-ups may be determined by you, my client, as needed depending on the given issues and circumstances.

If you’re looking for effective hypnotherapy in the Seattle area and are ready to get results, contact me to schedule an appointment. You can email me at or call 206-552-8374. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have before getting started.

You can prepare for a consult or session by filling out this General Intake Form (a copy of this completed form will automatically be emailed to me for my review).